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Setup Volumetric Sun Rays in Seconds! 

Sun Rays is a camera image effect for creating dramatic sun shafts. This means it works without modifying your scene and instantly upgrades your game with volumetric sun shafts!


Easy Setup
Setup is fast and easy, just add our the "Sun Rays Image Effect" component to your main camera. That's it!


Zone Support
With full zone support, you can fully customize how the sun rays effect should appear for different areas of your game. Add as many zones as you want, and Sun Rays will smoothly transition between the sun ray settings in those areas.


Customize the sun rays color, pattern texture, animation speed, sun ray size, zones, and more. With zones, you can create custom lighting configurations for areas in your game, so sun shafts only appear exactly when you want them.


Sun Rays works perfectly with top sky systems such as Sky Studio. We also support the default Unity skybox, and any sky system that uses a directional light, or game object transform, to represent the sun light direction (that's pretty much every Unity sky system).


Customer Support
All Funly assets come with free support included. We offer real-time chat support in our discord channel (come join us!), and you can also reach us through email. We're here to help you succeed, and we love hearing feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions we get.


Q: How does Sun Rays Work?
A:  Sun Rays is a Unity image effect. This means that setup is extremely simple, and you just need to add our custom "Sun Rays Image Effect" component to your main camera.

Q: Can I configure only specific areas in my game to use this effect?
A: Absolutely! Sun Rays has support for "Zones" which make seamless transitions between different sun ray configurations. This means you can create rectangular regions in your game that can have different settings. We have a video demonstrating moving in between zones on youtube here.

Q: Is there documentation on how to use Sun Rays?
A: Yes, you can find our full developer manual here.

Q: What if I need help or have more questions?
No problem! You can reach out to use anytime here or on discord.

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